Bryanna Cooper-Rosendo

Age: 36
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Type of Crime: Missing Person
Date of Incident: May 1, 2021
Summary of Case:

Bryanna Lynn Cooper Rosendo experienced a lot of hardships at the beginning of her life that made the road ahead of her difficult. At the age of 12, Bryanna found herself in a juvenile detention facility. Unfortunately, this coincided with the “Kids for Cash” political scandal in Wilkes-Barre, in which county judges sentenced children with minor infractions to harsh sentences at private juvenile facilities in exchange for cash kickbacks. For four long years, Bryanna suffered terrible treatment at the juvenile detention facility. While she tried to get on her feet after her release, Bryanna ultimately dropped out of school. This series of events left Bryanna without the requisite education and development she needed to succeed.

Bryanna has alternated between periods of sobriety and substance use disorder since she was released from juvenile detention. Bryanna has two sons and strove to be a good mother. Due to her personal struggles, Bryanna has been homeless for most of her adult life and alternated between living at motels and with significant others or friends.

The timeline of Bryanna’s disappearance is complicated. According to a male friend, in late April 2021, Bryanna moved into the male friend’s home with an African American male she met on an app. The male friend states Bryanna and the African American male moved out of his home in May 2021 and moved to Baltimore and he has not been in contact with Bryanna since. Other friends have stated that they saw Bryanna at the male friend’s home in July and December 2021.

Most of Bryanna’s friends last had contact with her in February and March of 2021, when she was living at the Wilkes-Barre Lodge.

Bryanna had multiple Facebook profiles and used the platform regularly to communicate with family and friends. The last activity on any of Bryanna’s Facebook profiles was on May 10, 2021, when she liked an ex-boyfriend’s post.

Regardless of how difficult her circumstances were, Bryanna never went more than a couple of months without contacting her family. Her family has not heard from her since her last social media activity. When a family member called Bryanna’s cell phone in July 2021, another woman answered and was annoyed that people were trying to reach Bryanna at the number, stating she had the phone for a “couple of months”.

Bryanna’s family and authorities believe Bryanna is being held against her will and trafficked. Witnesses have come forward with alleged sightings of Bryanna after May 2021, placing her at motels around Pennsylvania in the company of an African American male and other women. Bryanna’s name has come up multiple times in an ongoing human trafficking investigation. Bryanna’s family has submitted her case to NamUs, The Doe Network, and PA Crimestoppers.

If you have any information about Bryanna’s whereabouts, please call PA Crimestoppers at (800) 472-8477 or click the Submit A Tip button below and help us bring Bryanna home.

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