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Application for DNA Testing

Season of Justice (SOJ) supports victims of unsolved violent crimes by funding various types of advanced DNA analysis solutions, such as forensic genetic genealogy and next-gen sequencing, by bridging the gap preventing investigative agencies from accessing resources that could help solve these difficult cases.

Season of Justice does not fund adult Doe or baby Doe cases where the investigative goal is limited to the identification of the victim. Doe cases may be considered in matters of clear homicide or where special circumstances exist. If you need additional guidance, please contact the Season of Justice staff.

Additional rounds of funding are rare. Please ensure you consult with your chosen vendor to create a complete and fully-incorporated cost estimate for all the testing and additional services that may be required to hopefully obtain the results needed to continue the investigation. In addition, when requesting a cost estimate from your chosen vendor, please indicate to the vendor that the estimate will accompany a Season of Justice grant application.

In 2022 Season of Justice invested $535,148 to support investigative agencies and families in 65 unsolved cases.