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Become a Cold Case Champion!

Cold Case Champions support the advancement of Season of Justice’s mission and general operations through recurring donations monthly, quarterly, annually, or even weekly! It is easy to sign up, and this consistent revenue stream makes a tangible impact for families and investigative agencies!

Why Give Monthly?

Continuous Need

As DNA Analysis and Forensic Genealogy continue to advance, we can test evidence today, that would have never been considered even 5 years ago. Season of Justice alone receives hundreds of cold case applications annually as investigative agencies look to access the most cutting-edge science available.

Easy to Set Up

Setting up your recurring gift only takes a minute and a click of a button – you can SET IT AND FORGET IT while supporting SOJ’s mission.

Long Term Impact

Your recurring gifts, help bridge the financial gap faced by investigative agencies everywhere as they strive to find resolution for families touched by violent crime.

Your Gift Makes an Impact

yard sign in a front yard
$5/Month is $60/year 

Your gift can cover the cost of printing 10 standalone yard signs for a family that promotes case awareness where billboards are limited.

Hands using a smart phone
$10/Month is $120/year

Your gift can fund targeted mobile ad campaigns for up to 6 weeks that supplement SOJ awareness campaigns.

DNA testing
$25/Month is $300/year

Your gift can fund 2 Familial Target Tests to help investigators confirm Forensic Genetic Genealogy results.

$50/Month is $600/year

Your gift can cover the costs of displaying a family’s billboard for up to 1 month as part of an awareness campaign. 

microscope and genetice testing
$100/Month is $1,200/year

Your gift can support integral case research completed by a genetic genealogist for up to 5 hours.
*Some cases have been solved in as few as 2 hours according to Othram* 

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Choose your amount!

Your gift can make a difference!

Current Cold Case Champions

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Season of Justice is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 85-0547803. Your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.