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Application for Awareness Campaign

Due to the high volume of awareness campaign applications and our desire to best serve those families with pending applications, Season of Justice is pausing grant submissions until June 2024. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to having the opportunity to serve you in the future. 

Season of Justice was founded to fund advanced DNA testing and forensic genetic genealogy research credited with solving some of the coldest cases. However, DNA testing isn’t always a viable option. In those situations, public awareness may be the only way to generate movement in someone’s unsolved case. Billboards, just like DNA testing, can be expensive and out of reach for most families. Season of Justice’s Awareness Campaign program works with victims’ families to fund multi-pronged media outreach strategies designed to reignite community and media attention on a case in hopes of soliciting tips and new information to support investigative efforts.

When considering an Awareness Campaign, families should keep the following decision-making criteria in mind prior to completing the grant application process:

  • Season of Justice only considers cases classified by the investigative agency as homicide or suspicious missing persons (where foul play is suspected).
  • Unsolved homicide cases must’ve occurred at least two years prior to the present date, with no new leads or significant investigative activity in the past year.
  • Season of Justice does not fund campaigns publicly targeting specific agencies, individuals, possible suspects or persons of interest to the investigation. 
  • Grant applications must be submitted by an immediate family member (such as parents, siblings, or grandparents) with the consent of all immediate family members.

Please note: Season of Justice does not fund private investigators and cannot independently investigate cases.

Our hearts go out to all families who have lost loved ones to violent crimes and unanswered disappearances. Season of Justice commits to advocating for our grantees and strives to connect families with the appropriate resources should their cold case needs fall outside of Season of Justice’s funding criteria and mission.