Ashleigh Love

Age: 19
Ethnicity: White
Gender: F
Date of Death: October 6, 2009
Type of Crime: Homicide
Date of Incident: October 6, 2009
Summary of Case:

Milwaukee, WI (May 24, 2024): On the night of October 5, 2009, Ashleigh Love returned home from work at Arby’s. That evening, Ashleigh spent time with her family as they watched a Green Bay Packers football game. Later, Ashleigh took a shower and went to bed for the night. According to Ashleigh’s family, it was another normal night and there was nothing out of the ordinary.

At approximately 2:00 AM, an armed intruder broke into the Love’s residence. The intruder proceeded inside Ashleigh’s bedroom on the second floor. The intruder took aim and shot Ashleigh in the face with a shotgun while she lay in her own bed.

After the shot was fired, Tammy (Ashleigh’s mother) recalls being jolted from her sleep.  After waking, Tammy alleges she heard footsteps outside her door as if someone was running down the stairs from Ashleigh’s room. Tammy got out of bed to investigate the noise, and when she opened her bedroom door, the intruder was standing in front of her with a shotgun in hand. Tammy was frightened and thought the family was being robbed.  She started to scream and said to the masked intruder, “take whatever you want and please leave”.  

After Tammy had a brief face to face encounter with the intruder, the intruder ran out of the home.  Tammy believes that the intruder had an accomplice, recalling, “I heard something, like a flash. I could see like somebody else running.”  Nothing was taken from the Love’s household that night, which led investigators to quickly discount burglary as a motive. As a result, investigators believe that Ashleigh was specifically targeted. Though the intruder wore a bandanna that concealed the lower half of his face, Tammy describes him as a Hispanic male approximately 20 years of age with average height and build. The intruder had short, spiked black hair, and wore a dark zippered sweater or jacket.  Investigators have also not not ruled out the possibility of an accomplice.

According to the Milwaukee Police Department, everyone who knew Ashleigh in some capacity was thoroughly reviewed. Evidence was collected from the household after the night of the murder, but the contents cannot be disclosed to protect the integrity of the investigation. 

Ashleigh’s family mourns the loss of their beloved daughter and sister, and hope that one day, her killer will be brought to justice. Over 13 years later, the murder of Ashleigh Love remains unsolved. THERE IS CURRENTLY A $12,000 REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO AN ARREST AND CONVICTION OF ASHLEIGH LOVE’S KILLER(S).

Season of Justice is honored to support Tammy and Ashleigh’s family in their fight for justice by sponsoring a billboard in Milwaukee, WI. The billboard is located along HWY 100 near the Milwaukee Zoo and will remain up until August 11, 2024. 

If you have any information about what happened to Ashleigh or the person(s) responsible for Ashleigh’s death, we urge you to submit an anonymous tip to Milwaukee Crime Stoppers by clicking the button below or calling (414) 224-8477

Milwaukee PD is also accepting confidential tips at (414) 933-4444

This summary is an excerpt from Love & Justice Podcast and shared with permission. To follow Ashleigh’s family’s story and fight for justice, click the Learn More button below. 

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