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Ethical Action as True Crime Consumers

True Crime remains a popular genre of entertainment and continues to pique the interest of society. But often, as consumers, at the end of the podcast episode or documentary, we are left wanting to do more, asking ourselves the question, “How can I help?”

Season of Justice is thrilled to be able to help you answer this question through our conversation with self-made ethical advocates Whitney St. Andre and Melissa Leinweber of Navigating Advocacy: A True Crime Podcast and Shayna Richard and Tates Nunez of Light The Way Missing Persons Advocacy Project. Throughout this conversation, our panelists will be discussing their personal experiences with taking ethical action and will share tangible ways true crime consumers can act while supporting victims’ families and investigative agencies.

Register now to join us for this action-focused conversation on Friday, March 1, 2024.

Registration for this virtual event is free, but we politely recommend a $5 donation to Season of Justice that will allow us to continue awarding grants to families and investigative agencies that drive cold cases closer to resolution!


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Navigating Advocacy

Navigating Advocacy is a true crime podcast that seeks to use the power of storytelling to raise awareness about unsolved crimes and bring justice to victims and their families. Hosted by Melissa and Whitney, who themselves started as true crime enthusiasts and have since become passionate advocates, Navigating Advocacy aims to inspire action and promote positive change in the criminal justice system.  Their mission is to provide a platform for victims and their families to share their stories and be heard while offering practical guidance on how listeners can make a difference in their communities. In each episode, they will explore a different unsolved case in depth, highlighting key details and potential leads in an effort to spark new interest and help advance the investigation. Through their work, they hope to create a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to making a real difference in the fight for justice. Whether you are a seasoned true crime fan or a newcomer to the genre, they invite you to join them on this journey of discovery and advocacy.


Whitney is an extrovert through and through. A proud graduate of Midwestern State University, she has channeled her passion for justice into a fulfilling career that mirrors her deep sense of empathy and care. Beyond her professional realm, she is the loving mother of two rambunctious boys and the supportive wife to her husband, Jeff. Together they like to explore new places, including craft breweries in the Austin area. It wasn’t until she met her best friend Melissa that the podcast came to fruition. When she isn’t advocating for others, she is spending time with her husband, two sons and two golden retrievers, crafting, traveling or reading.

Whitney’s weaknesses are a good sea salt caramel, comfy hoodie and fall weather. She will also be the first person in the room asking if she can pet your dog.


Melissa’s journey into the world of true crime began just like countless others, with a love for some of the finest podcasts. Her passion for mysteries and intricate puzzles drew her in. However, it wasn’t until she crossed paths with her current BFF, Whitney, that she mustered the bravery to start on their own podcasting adventure. In the backdrop of her life, Melissa juggles the roles of a devoted mother to two teenage sons and a loving partner to her dear companion, Chris. They’ve lived in numerous states over the years, but finally, they’ve found themselves in the Sunshine State, Florida. When she’s not delving into unsolved crimes, Melissa’s time is happily spent immersed in books, crafting spreadsheets, and writing her daily to-do lists. Among the dynamic duo, she undoubtedly wears the introvert crown, relishing the art of behind-the-scenes research while shying away from the spotlight of social media.

Light The Way

Light the Way Missing Persons Advocacy Project began in 2021 as a passion project by Shayna Richard and Tates Nunez, who were looking to make a change in the missing persons community. By 2022, it evolved into a volunteer organization that is committed to engaging with empathy and compassion for the missing and their loved ones, providing resources and support for families of missing individuals and victims of unresolved cases, and fostering positive relationships between families and law enforcement. The Light The Way team of volunteers selflessly dedicates themselves to investigating and locating missing persons and advocating for missing individuals and unresolved case victims. Light The Way also highlights a campaign dedicated to the advocacy of children failed by the Washington State foster care system called “My Reason”. 

Light The Way prides itself on its ability to bridge the gap between the families of missing persons and law enforcement through collaboration with members of police departments, sheriff’s offices, and the FBI. By working alongside law enforcement, they provide families and loved ones with additional information regarding the facts and circumstances of a disappearance, which in turn provides much-needed comfort and understanding for loved ones. 

The Light The Way team offers a wide variety of services including but not limited to: ● organizing successful advocacy and awareness campaigns such as: 

○ assisting in planning candlelight vigils 

○ coordinating authorized community volunteer searches 

○ planning in-person community gatherings 

○ spearheading fundraising events for reward funds 

○ initiating and maintaining social media campaigns 

○ connecting families with media outlets 

○ creating flyers, billboards, and websites for missing persons awareness The team also has a wide range of special abilities in open-source investigation techniques. 

Light The Way’s focus remains on helping people and making changes in the world. They invite volunteers to join them as they LIGHT THE WAY home for the missing and work together to provide loved ones the answers they deserve.